Congregation Beth  Shalom & Corona United Methodist Church began a project of re-building our facilities from our original downtown locations. Both existing houses of worship were 90 years and over 100 years old. But the time came to update our surroundings.
Together with the City of Corona, we negotiated a deal to build a 5 acre community park in exchange for land for our new buildings.  Together with Corona United Methodist Church our 10 years of planning, meetings, contracts, permits, architecture plans, etc. have come true.  We constructed Chase Park, a 5 acre community park and both church and synagogue buildings within months of each other.
Corona United Methodist Church  opened their doors on California & Chase in January 2009 followed by Congregation Beth Shalom completing it's new facility and moving in on April 5, 2009.
Both CBS & CUMC enjoy our new location in South Corona and support many events together. 

Congregation Beth Shalom & Corona United Methodist Church Re-build Together